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Swati Mishra
Swati MishraUpdated 9 months ago

Make your USB bootable

ISO to USB is a small and completely free software that can burn your ISO image file directly to USB drives. The software also supports the creation of a bootable USB disk with Windows operating systems. Users can take advantage of this application to update older computers to newer OSs.

Burn ISO to USB

An ISO image file is a popular format for CD- and DVD-based programs. It can carry all of the content on the disk, like operating systems or video games. The purpose of ISO to USB is to make it simple and straightforward to burn these files onto a flash drive; this way, your content will be portable and easier to use.

Create bootable disks

Do you remember back in the day when you had to use a floppy disk or a CD-ROM to install anything? Today, installing software from USB flash drives has become one of the easiest ways to update any computer with a new operating system, like WindowsLinux or Ubuntu. It’s quick and easy to stick into your pocket.

USB booting is the process of using a USB storage device, like a pen drive, as the drive from which the computer starts. It is a replacement for the CD-ROM. When a bootable USB software is plugged into a computer, it will be recognized and an installer will unpack essentially what is a large compressed file that contains the actual system image that you need. This is one of the ways you can install new operating systems, and it’s the most modern method available.


The interface of ISO to USB has a plain gray aesthetic and can appear clunky at times, but it guides the user to where they need to go. It’s very simple to use: you only need to click on the ISO file that you want to burn and the USB flash drive you want to use. The process is fast and only involves two quick steps.

Once the window appears, ISO to USB presents you with a drop-down menu of any attached external drives on your computer, and you’ll choose the one you want to work with. You’ll then select the format that you wish to use for the flash. Novice users may appreciate the ease of use, but those with more experience will find themselves disappointed with a lack of advanced features. The application would do well to offer a drag-and-drop option, which is handy for users that understand the concepts already.


Currently, this software only supports Windows bootable disks. It can work with BOOTMGR and NTLDR boot mode. When you’re choosing to make a bootable USB disk, you can choose to format the drive as either Fat32, exFAT, or NTFS.

Performance & bugs

At first, ISO to USB seemed to be working well. There is a small status pane at the bottom of the window so that you can stay updated on the process. As we were watching the bar, and the flash drive becoming bootable, the system crashed. Many users have reported this issue from the program as well.

Since this freeware is basic in function and aesthetic, we would expect these flaws to be compensated with high speeds, though this is not the case. ISO to USB is extremely slow, especially compared to other ISO to USB tools that are available. You could certainly do better than this program if you need bootable USB drives.

On top of the crash, we also experienced slow loading times and a disappointing lack of features. We’d prefer to use a tool that offers advanced functions and speed.


Given ISO to USB’s subpar performance, users should consider alternative tools that are out there. One of the most highly recommend tools for this purpose is Rufus. Rufus is a small executable that offers advanced features and automatically detects settings for your ISO. There are many other options available as well, including WinSetupFromUSB for functionality, Yumi for fast speeds EasyBoot for simplicity.

Use at your own risk

ISO to USB serves a singular purpose, but unfortunately does not do it well. There are too many better options available for us to be able to recommend this software. It does offer a simple approach for beginners but at the risk of dealing with unbearably slow speeds and even potential crashes.


  • Easy for beginners to use
  • Freeware


  • Slow speeds
  • Unattractive interface
  • Frequent crashes
  • No advanced features or functions
  • Limited support

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ISO to USB for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.6
  • 3.5

  • Security Status

User reviews about ISO to USB

  • CMC

    by CMC

    works, but there is space for improvement :)
    stable, reliable, missing a partitionig option for larger USB media

  • amr allam

    by amr allam

    i am happy for using imo to can be talk with my family and friends

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    didn't work..
    Try to execute and it says "can't execute from temporary folder".. but it is not temporary..
    Cons: doesn't More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    It made a copy of Windows 7 x86 ISO to my USB fine, however when I decided to try it again using the boot option, it  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Doesn't seem to be working, sadly..
    Pretty much ever ISO I burn to USB with this app does not boot. Yet if I burn the same ISO to cd, the cd wo More


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